There are two types of Resolutions in 4K Smart LED TV 4K Hd and 4k UHD The perfect HD looks like a sharp picture

you could get  With four times as many pixels as HD 4K resolution has completely changed the level of visual detail and clarity we ve come to expect from our screens

Traditional HD TVs Resolution Limit up to 1920*1080 hd
When’s Ultra HD is a Total Resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 Even more small Resolution 4096*2160 seen on cinema screens that for the record is called cinema 4k

But Original 4K TVs are very expensive And while we look at our budget, buy China’s 4K LED TVs Which are not perfect 4K but are closer to it China is building a lot of full HD televisions named after 4K And when we do update software we find it difficult Those who find the software also have full HD software and some 4k
When we look at the specification of the screen from the internet, it shows 4K But the software runs full HD and the picture is perfectly fine So to say That if you download any 4K software from this website It may be not right match with your TV screen


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