BRAND GIBCO UHD 4K ANDROID SMART LED TV MAIN BOARD  TP.MS638.PC821-1G-8G RESOLUTION 3840*2160 4K LOGO AND REMOTE ORIGNAL GIBCO WORKING RENAME FILE  allupgrade_msd638_8G_ref36.bin  TO  allupgrade_msd638_8G_sos.bin 50” SMART TV USB UPDATABLE FIRMWARE UPDATE Copy the bin file into USB and press and hold power button And plug in main power Green light will start flashing


TP.MS638.PC821 1GB REM 8GB ROM TP_MS638_PC821 1GB REM 8GB ROM TP_MS638_PC821_A20_8G_ARAB_LSF550FJ07_IR_KD013K_LOGO_GIBCO_8G_REF40 Resolution 3840×2160 UHD 4k 0 nit, 1200:1 (Typ.), 1.07B color, 60Hz, No B/L, V-by-One 8 lane. GIBCO  REMOTE