Are you looking for EMMC software for your smart LED TV Welcome to software zone Here you can download smart LED TV EMMC software for free EMMC connection is also unavailable with some file You will have to buy the complete details folder of EMMC pinout. Buy Emmc Details

TP.VST59S.P89 In this board, two types of Regulation 1920*1080 full hd and 1366*768 non hd  USB updateable software is available. For Free download M90 remote work and both normal and mirror files are available

TP.RD8503.PB819 The only 4 types of resolutions software available on this board Is USB update software And M90 Remote Works On These

TP.MS338.PB801 Most Visited Foults Download Firmware TP.MS338.PB801 This is Android Smart LED TV Board There are two types of board with 4GB and 8GB Storage And the 4GB board has 512 RAM 8GB board’s RAM is 1GB There is a difference in both of these software If you update the file by renaming it then […]

Smart Android Tv Software Differences New boards are coming in China Android Smart TV There are 3 types of boards and there are 3 types of software Whenever you download software or buy software, then search the number of emmc flash on Google How many GB is this Then download the software accordingly If you […]