MStar Bin Tool GUI Android LED Software Pack-Unpack

MStar Bin Tool GUI Android LED Software Pack-Unpack

Only unpacking/packing is supported MStar firmware for TV on Android, in the format BIN file. To avoid problems, folder utilities must be in the root of the “C:\” drive Supported OS: Windows Vista\7\8\8.1\10
32\64bit. The utility uses system libraries (*.dll) because Windows XP, earlier versions OS as well as Live builds are not supported. XP not supported by libraries, but from Live builds of these libraries can be cut out to reduce the size of the image. It is recommended to use the utility on Installed OS Vista and newer.

Packing modes:

Format + Download – Create a complete firmware with EMMC format. In this mode, a complete firmware, including formatting the entire EMMC (excluding boot partitions), creating a new one user partition table, writing all images (including sboot and MBOOT), as well as writing variables

Download only – Create a light firmware. In this mode, the firmware is assembled from selective images (one
or more) and loader variables. The format of the entire EMMC and re-partitioning are not performed. table
partitions remains the same, as well as partitions whose images are not in the light firmware.

Only script – Creation of a light firmware containing only the installation script (dummy with a set of commands). In this mode, the firmware is assembled from the Pre / Post bootloader variables and the factory mode activation command

(if he is). In this mode, you can build a BIN script, which, for example, will backup TV partitions to USB
flash (both one selective partition and the entire EMMC). In the same way, you can restore
TV partition (both one selective partition and the entire EMMC) from a backup on a USB flash drive.

To pack the BIN firmware, select the required packing mode from the drop-down list, then select firmware config file (for modes 1-2), then, if mode 2 is selected,

check the boxes on the images that should be included in the firmware, then click Create Firmware. The firmware will be saved in “UTILITY_FOLDER\work\New_ORIG_FIRMWARE_NAME.bin”.

The “Add comment” option allows you to add your comment to the beginning of the firmware script. Text
The comment will be visible only when unpacking the firmware (it will be in the extracted firmware script).

In any of the build modes, you can edit (add/remove) pre/post variables. For 3 modes
assembly, it is not necessary to specify the config file, it is enough to select this mode, specify the name of the output file
(External filename) and add pre\post variables. If required, you can specify the mode activation command

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