BRAND : impex Android smart led tv

Model number : Gloria 40 smart

DGL 40 SME 1907TJ00088

Resolution : 1366*768 HD

Mein Board :  CV358H-B42  1GB of Rem  and 8GB of Rom

Software Upgrade

1.Prepare to sofeware files under the root directory in U disk:
One of the files is CtvUpgrade.bin,
The file is following:

2. The system is powered down (Turn off the power switch or unplug the power plug
3. Connect with U disk to USB2.0 interface.
4. System on power (Turn on the power switch or connect to the power supply
plug )
5. After about three seconds, you can see the power indicator light flashes, which
means the upgrade is on.

If ten seconds later, there are no indicato lright flashes, you need to check
whether the U disk files exit and the name is right or not. Make sure it and skip
to step2.
6. It needs about 3 minutes to complete upgrading, when the upgrade is
completed, the system will restart automatically. If the picture is standard screen
which is designed for factory automation, which means the upgrade is
7. After upgrading successfully, unplug the U disc.
8. You will enter the new system after powering and powering o n.

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