Firmware Android Smart tv TP.HV553.PB801 UHD 8GB Telezone

Firmware Android Smart tv TP.HV553.PB801 UHD 8GB Telezone

Android motherboard TP.HV553.PB801 usb upgradable firmware available TP.HV553.PB801 has been used by Philips and Telezone Brand has also used this board. This board has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM It has the latest Android version and performs at a very good speed.

This firmware is belongs to telezone brand and if you want to use it in some other brand, then its file has to be renamed. allupgrade_v553_sos.bin

To update TP.HV553.PB801

You have downloaded rar file Extract it and copy allupgrade_v553_8G_1G_86.bin files to fat32 formated USB plugin usb to port 2 Press and hold the power button from the side touch button and plugin main power Not closing the main switch while the software is being updated

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